“None of us is as smart as all of us.”

Ken Blanchard

Team Development Services

ARC Leadership Associates helps teams reach new levels of performance. Our approach is designed to fit your unique situation and needs. With a focus on the qualities that make great teams successful, we promote your team’s ability to communicate openly and directly. We work with them to develop operating rules, clarify roles and responsibilities, align individual and team goals, and build trust. We also enable them to manage conflict productively. Our goal is to increase your team’s effectiveness and improve results.

Team Coaching

A group process that increases team effectiveness and improves results.

Team Performance Evaluation and Coaching

Team members often don’t have a good sense of each other’s style, strengths, and blind spots. We help your team understand these differences and collectively use this perspective to improve performance. We can work with your team to:

  • Assess individual work styles and communication preferences
  • Identify key benchmarks of high performance teams
  • Map the group strengths and development opportunities
  • Create an action plan that capitalizes on strengths, addresses gaps, and improves processes
  • Establish accountability structures to support real change
  • Determine metrics to evaluate performance

Issue Facilitation

Teams often disagree over issues or future direction. We focus on converting these challenging situations into a productive growth experience that moves your team forward. We can work with your team to:

  • Create an open and constructive forum to discuss issues
  • Ensure all viewpoints are aired and fully understood
  • Facilitate constructive evaluation of alternatives against goals
  • Gain group buy-in for the decision/solution to ensure progress

Team Innovation

Teams can get stuck when charged with creating something new, expanding the range of options for a significant challenge, or creatively solving a tough problem. We serve as a kick-start to get your team “unstuck.” We can help your team:

  • Understand and clearly frame the problem or task
  • Use developmental thinking techniques to approach the challenge from multiple angles
  • Create a broad set of potential solutions
  • Select and refine the best ideas
  • Overcome possible obstacles and objections
  • Build commitment around the idea/solution