Fraser Clark

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Experience and Approach

Fraser brings over 35 years of business experience and a warm, upbeat, and rigorous perspective to individual coaching and group facilitation.  He believes that individuals should never stop growing, discovering new solutions and untapped potential. Fraser’s approach is grounded in a well-rounded fact base, employing a variety of formal assessments and stakeholder input, an exploration of the current context and challenges, and deep self-reflection. Using the fact base, Fraser and his clients distill personal insights that lead to new perspectives, more highly effective behaviors and, ultimately, better business results. Fraser coaches and facilitates nationally across a wide array of sectors including consumer package good, health care, insurance, manufacturing, transportation, and finance.

Fraser’s strong business background enables him to speak his clients’ technical and corporate language, which makes discussions about company challenges and dynamics more productive. His psychological training helps him work with clients to gain a clear picture of their current state of mind and career position to establish a path forward. As Vice President of Strategy and Development at Kraft, Inc., Fraser headed several flagship consumer businesses and new product initiatives. He led and facilitated teams in strategic analysis, innovation and change management. Fraser was also the co-founder and owner of a specialty custom-furniture retailer, Sawbridge Studios, from which he gained a firsthand understanding of the challenges involved with starting and growing a business.

Education and Certifications

Fraser has degrees in business from the University of Michigan and counseling psychology from the Adler School of Psychology. He facilitates and coaches at Loyola University’s Family Business Center working with the Next Generation Leadership Institute and Family Business Stewardship Institute. He is also as an executive coach at Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management and serves as Master Faculty for Korn-Ferry for leadership competencies, 360 feedback, emotional intelligence, and high potential assessment. Fraser is also a member of the Hogan coaching network and certification facilitator.

Why Do I Do This Work?

“I believe in investing in people. Throughout my career I have seen many great ideas, strategies and plans succeed or fail based on the people and teams driving them. People can be a source of competitive advantage for an organization; I want to help them realize their full potential.”