“The first thing to do in life is to do with purpose what one proposes to do.”

Pablo Casals

We customize our approach to your needs.

ARC Leadership Associates customizes each individual or team engagement to meet your specific needs. The bedrock of our approach is a process that ensures client confidentiality and a focus on positive change. This process combines fact-based assessment, action planning, coaching to sustain change, and metrics to measure progress.

Client Alignment

Goal: An understanding of your company’s values, culture, our client’s role, and the business issues vital to the engagement’s success.

Deliverable: An agreement among the key people involved – coach, client, boss, and other sponsors—as to goals, process, and expectations.

Fact-Based Assessment

Goal: A thorough understanding of our client’s strengths, blind spots, and development needs through leadership assessments and 360 feedback.

Deliverable: A comprehensive “Current State” Summary that highlights strengths our client can leverage as well as opportunities for growth and improved performance.

Feedback and Action Plan

Goal: A collaborative process that creates insight and commitment to development.

Deliverable: A personalized action plan for change built around “Desired State” goals that our client finds meaningful and relevant.

Coaching and Support

Goal: An ongoing coaching partnership to reinforce learning, foster accountability, and help our client stay focused on their “Desired State” goals.

Deliverable: A noticeable change in our client’s performance and leadership.

Progress Measurement

Goal: An assessment of the engagement’s impact based on desired outcomes.

Deliverable: A qualitative progress review and quantitative post-engagement measurement against stated goals