Leigh Rocklin

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Experience and Approach

Leigh believes that to help her clients move past old belief systems, use their best qualities and overcome skill deficits, she must understand their personal motivation and values. After helping her clients prioritize their objectives, she develops strategies that identify and emphasize their strengths to increase their impact at work and make them better leaders and team members.

Tailoring her approach to the unique needs, aspirations and dynamics of each client, Leigh helps them realize their individual goals and overcome the obstacles that impede their progress. After gaining an understanding of each client’s relational patterns and personal motivators, Leigh helps them enact meaningful and sustainable change. 

Through her experience as an educator, counseling psychologist and working in the corporate world, Leigh developed a well-rounded skillset that helps her address both psychological and business needs.  Leigh runs a private practice at Lakeview Center for Psychotherapy. She also works with family-owned businesses through Loyola’s Family Business Center and independently. Leigh has worked with women at Northwestern University’s Women’s Center, facilitated bereavement programs at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago and has taught and supervised Counseling Psychology Masters students at Northwestern University.

Education and Certifications

Leigh earned her Bachelor of Arts in Consumer Economics from the University of Michigan, her Masters in Education in Curriculum and Instruction at Loyola University and her Masters in Counseling Psychology from Northwestern University. She is a licensed therapist and is certified to administer personality and feedback assessments.

Why Do I Do This Work?

“Growing up in a family focused on corporate and family business dynamics instilled a passion for helping people identify what’s most meaningful in their lives. I’m excited at the opportunity to help people develop their skills to fulfill that meaning and be more effective in their careers.”