Individual Executive

At ARC, we foster professional growth that delivers superior leadership, and in turn, superior performance. Depending on your needs, our process can be highly targeted or more comprehensive.

We begin by gathering facts on current performance and data on leadership style, motivations and values. The state-of-the-art assessment and feedback toolswe use are tailored to your situation.

Our next step is to make this information meaningful and actionable. Going forward, we help you create and execute a concrete plan for positive change.

Executive Coaching

Leaders who are established in their current roles and have a strong history of success are often striving for greater impact – a growth edge. We can work with leaders who are looking for that next level of performance to:

  • Provide them with 360 feedback and focused insight information
  • Leverage their strengths
  • Dial down overused strengths
  • Develop underutilized talents
  • Build capacity to handle a range of leadership situations

Our coaching is conducted in a confidential one-to-one relationship. This confidentiality and support provides a safe space for our client to develop new skills and enhance performance.

High Potential Coaching

High potential candidates slated for increased responsibility need to quickly expand their capabilities while achieving results. It is challenging to build skills while performing at the highest level. Our goal is to maximize our client’s opportunity for success. We can accelerate a high potential leader’s development by providing:

  • Feedback on performance in the current position
  • A clear description of the future competencies needed
  • A realistic and targeted action plan for development with milestones
  • Focused support and a low risk setting to practice new skills and behaviors

Our coaching helps a rising star addresss the many challenges accompanying a call for rapid growth. We serve as a thought partner to spark more robust and critical thinking as our client tackles new and more complex issues.

Leadership Change Coaching

To excel in today’s environment, leaders need to effectively drive large-scale transformation efforts. They also need to master their own ability to change. There is a unique set of stresses and challenges that leaders face in the throes of signifciant transitions. We can help executives who:

  • Enter a new cultural environment (e.g., a new division or functional area)
  • Change job scope (e.g., an increase in number of employees or geography)
  • Shift emphasis in focus (e.g., from operational to strategic)
  • Lead merged cultures after an acquisition

We work with our client to identify requirements for success and strategies for overcoming potential hurdles. Despite the inevitable roadblocks, we help our client stay grounded and focused on their goals.

Executive On-Boarding

Newly hired executives have a short ramp-up time to establish credibility, get results, and learn the business. An external ally can often speed the transition. We are able to help leaders new to the organization:

  • Develop an objective view of the situation
  • Identify cultural norms and the “unwritten rules”
  • Align expectations up, down, and sideways
  • Support shifts in behavior needed in the new environment
  • Create an action plan with clear milestones for success
  • Speed integration by working with their executive team

We expedite our client’s ability to get early wins, understand the new landscape, and build confidence. We also serve as a personal sounding board for problem solving. Our goal is to help our client deliver greater value more quickly and thrive in their new setting.


October 13, 2016